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the fear of nothingness and loneliness

Name: URTV Unit 667: Albedo

Series: Xenosaga

Sex: Male
Age: 12
Height: 4'7"
Hair: White
Eyes: Violet

Other Characteristics:
Bright red tattoo of the number 667 on his right palm.

Power status: Absolute regenerator. Telepathic with siblings; empathetic with others. Energy manipulator type through usage of a waveform--Eyes can glow violet; when emotions are up, a purple aura may appear. Aspects include but are not limited to, energy balls, energy waves, telekinesis, affecting another's energy state, etc. Has contacted a god-being and retains the usage of some of its powers, including but not limited to, higher energy attacks, levitation, and turning will into pure power.

Other abilities:
Military training. Adult strength and speed. Some mental defenses. Odd knowledges. A tactical strategist. Advanced manipulation. A low boredom threshold. Charm and cunning.

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